Jugni (2016) Mp3 Songs

Jugni (2016) Mp3 Songs Download
Jugni (2016) Hindi Mp3 Songs download Djpunjab.com

Cast: Sugandha Garg, Siddhant Behl, Anurita Jha, Sadhana Singh, Samir Sharma, Chandan Gill, Kartick Sitaraman
Music Composer: Clinton Cerejo
Lyricist: Shellee
Director: Shefali Bhushan
Producer: Karan Grover, Manas Malhotra, Shefali Bhushan
Release: 22 Jan 2016

Jugni Mp3 Songs

Jugni Mp3 Songs

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Jugni is an age-old narrative device used in Punjabi folk music and sung at Punjabi weddings in India, Pakistan, US, Canada, Australia and UK. The word literally means 'Female Firefly', in folk music it stands in for the poet-writer who uses Jugni as an innocent observer to make incisive, often humorous, sometimes sad but always touching observations. In spiritual poetry Jugni means the spirit of life, or essence of life. Alam Lohar (Punjab, Pakistan) and singer and humorist Asa Singh Mastana (Punjab, India) are credited with popularizing this poetry from early Sufi spiritual writings and then subsequently later on it was transformed by other singers as a female girl just like prefixes like Preeto.

The Indian artist to make a mark was Asa Singh Mastana. More recently[when?]Kuldeep Manak, born Latif Mohammad, has made notable Jugni contributions. Apart from that every other pop or folk singer from Harbhajan MannArif LoharGurdas MaanGurmeet Bawa to Rabbi Shergill has had his Jugni moment. Bollywood movie Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye has at least three songs that use the word Jugni. The song was sung by Des Raj Lachkani (basically a dadi singer), Lachkani is a village near Patiala, India.


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